Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sketch 3 and 4 of copper made today by Gloria Poole,RN, artist of /in Missouri

This is sketch number 3 in a series of four so far as I try to learn the technique for painting objects that look like copper. I posted sketch 1 and 2 to my https://gloriapoole.blogspot.com and also my https://gloriapoole.wordpress.com so you can compare to see if you think I am making progress on this self-appointed art project. Sketch 4 is below. I re-drew each sketch testing different shapes and compositions. I want to paint a set of copper objects in oils on canvas if I perfect the technique. This sketch is 11 x 14 on paper.I made this, signed it, photographed it, uploaded it and posted it to this blog of mine as is true of ALL art on this blog. As you can see, I made each object with a different technique and with different mediums. I do not link my wordpress blog for several reasons but type it into your web-browser.

This is sketch 4 of the series [so far] and it is 11 x 14 on bristol.I drew this, painted it, signed it, photographed it, uploaded it and posted it to this blog of mine as is true of ALL art on this blog. I made each object in this set also with different mediums.

This is my copyright notice for this blog and all content on it, collectively and individually. I, Gloria Poole, own all rights to all content on this blog.

This is a personal logo I made for myself,using a computer mouse instead of a paintbrush or ink pen, to make quickly apparent who is creating this blog and who owns it and who owns the copyrights.

This is my photo of one of my christian crosses and my left hand in the photo to remind all that I am a Southern Baptist taught, born again, Christian, white, woman who is single-again after two divorces. If you want to know more about what Christians believe, you could learn much on this blog of mine for sharing the #gospel:


If you want to know more about me Gloria Poole,RN, artist, writer, blogger, photographer, you can see/ read this about me page, and other profile pages on Yahoo, Microsoft, Google:


One of my photos of the U S flag that I photographed this past week on walkabout to remind all I am U S citizen on U S soil in continental U S with all guarantees of U S Constitution and amendments including the first amendment freedom of press and religion.

This is the display I made to remind all that I am a University of Georgia alumna and graduated from their Terry College of Business.

This is a oil sketch on oil paper that I made of the University of Georgia mascot UGA {English bulldog] or bulldawg as UGA alum say. It is also posted on another blog of mine and I think on a twitter account of mine also.

This is to remind all that I am also a graduate of the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing and am a Registered professional Nurse for years. My current license is in Missouri but I had licenses in other sates and for most of my life, in the state of Georgia.

This is me Gloria Poole, RN, artist of Missouri and state of Georgia.

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You can also follow me on twitter on these accounts of mine and they are not conformed, meaning they are each different: @gloriapoole ; @gloria_poole; @Tartan_Bliss; @ProlifeNurse; @tweetie0817; and @personhood1. Each of those is different with different focus. You can read about them on my https://gloriapoole.blogspot.com in post of 10th August.

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