Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thank GOD for Google! I love them.

First of all before anything else, I want to repeat that I love Google and pray it endures. They have always been so good to me.  I am reading up on how to create Google plus but so far it sort of eludes me. I love their platform as a general rule because it works so well for photos and original content, and is usually easy to use. I hope that doesn't change as the web gets more competitive and complicated.

 This is a new blog for me but not a new account. It is necessary because this is an acct I have had for years and I realized today that somebody else was using it too. I have to create visible proof that it it belongs to me and that it always belonged to me. Also, see another page I created on this account last year at: that has a cartoon of a tree I created on it.

 Lo and behold! I was going to add content to it and received a message to login to my online storage. I do NOT have an online storage! At least not that I know of. Maybe I do, because I did have online [paid for storage] some years ago, and I also have devices/apps that periodically offer it to me.
However, I didn't think I had ever signed up for it. So that was the second shock of the day to me.

 So, this may be a work in progress.   I will see how it goes?  I have some photos I wanted to add to it, but I don't want to sign in accidentally to some unknown person's storage online. So have to find out more about that.  This is not now and never was a shared account. 

 Unfortunately, in year 2009 a hosting company told me my name had become a commodity and that they were selling my name domains to anybody! Which upset me greatly especially since I owned the domains, had paid for them and created content for them.; and most especially because Gloria Poole is my real born with name. It's possible it has become a commodity because of my art I create, but it is still my real, legal, born with, birthright name.

 This is an effort to retrieve my name back from people who were using it who had no authority to use it. I have never sold my name or my copyright, nor my rights to the original art I create except in about yr 1993 in Atlanta, GA, to a specific work of art.

 I don't know myself how this is going to look. I am creating it as I go, so it will hopefully look a bit different from other blogs I have. The green background [blurred] is part of the template. It is not a photo of mine, but is a template I am allowed to use. I might change it later. I like the forests, trees, land-- I grew up on a farm that grew timber., so it's a comforting atmosphere to me.

Also, I will wait to add photos until I can find out whose "online storage" is connected to my account ?  I usually store my content on physical drives only since massive amounts of my originals were stolen in yr 2008 by someone hijacking my then-email. I have my art I create in the original in most cases and also my photos of it stored on physical drives. If it's my content stored through Picasa, Google, and or one of my cell phone carriers that has/had online albums for years, then no problem. At this point I don't know. The message simply said to sign into my online storage--which was a total surprise to me on this account.

 If you look at the list of other blogs, you will see some of the other blogs of mine. It is not a comprehensive list however. It's just a few in list to connect me in the viewer's mind with my name and other known blogs/sites of mine. In time, I will perfect this. I am slow as molasses at times, when tired.

 I am a white , single,Christian,  woman.  I know the photo that was associated with this account for years looks very red, but I think that was a sunburn. I walkabout as much as I can tolerate in the sun too, so my photo varies depending on if tanned, not tanned, sunburned etc. I updated my photo on the profile today so it matches my photo on other blogs. All blogs are not updated simultaneously --usually one every few weeks.

I create original sketches, paintings, cartoons, photos, words, poems. In fact, today I wrote my Memorial  Day tribute to my father who died in 2004  and who was a veteran on my blog at :

I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009 after second divorce in yr 2007.
Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 25-May-2013 @ 3:57pm