Monday, July 29, 2013

"How does your garden grow?" Poster art sketch

"How does your garden grow?" My 1st attempt at "poster art" genre. Gloria Poole
This is my very first attempt to create a sketch making it  surreal and in a genre of "poster art" which tends to be very different from fine art. It is on my drawing board which is spattered with paint since I also paint sketches. I also have 3 easels that paint from when painting in oils. But when I am doing sketches I am usually at my drawing table or using my portable drawing board. You can see it is merely a sketch, on paper and torn from my sketch book because I almost threw it away, then decided to change it and add in the watering can in the sky. I left the background of my drawing table because it s not so easy to duplicate.{authenticity mark sort of, I guess, but if it is not present it doesn't prove anything except that I took pains to photograph what I had created.}. 

Also I created a new blog today specifically for my cartoons I create.  
 You can see it at;  and also see some cartoons I created on a pg of mine at: or 

I named this sketch, "how does your garden grow?" And the obvious answer is by sunlight and water.  

I hope you like this sketch. I will add more to it later. I also add art I create to these other blogs of mine, and each is unique: {though I understand that xanga is closing shop so don't know if that exists still];.

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 I do not publish my email addresses since most of my domains were stolen from me by criminals who stole my identifying info off web.  I do have some tel phone numbers published on some blogs of mine that people [who have good intentions and are not murderous sorts] may use to contact me with, but if you call those and leave a message it needs to be specific enough that I don't have to guess who you are. I have ZERO tolerance for scammers, crooks, and criminals. 
Also, fyi, I am the white, Christian,  single [divorced twice] , woman, mother , Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri; grandmother of minor children; artist in all mediums of art; blogger, photographer, prolifer, republican. who was born in the state of Georgia and who currently lives in Missouri since 2009.
Gloria Poole at my apt in Missouri; 29_July-2013 @ 9:35am