Thursday, May 7, 2015

Outer space and Chinese art painted by Artist Gloria Poole, RN in Missouri on 7 May 2015

This is a watercolor and acrylic sketch I painted yesterday afternoon, and signed but photographed and uploaded this morning. It is my interpretation of outer space and it is 11x14 in my sketch book of the moment [which belongs to me but is probably sketch book number 20 in series of sketch books I bought and filled over the years].
This is a watercolor and acrylic sketch I painted yesterday afternoon, and signed but photographed and uploaded this morning. This is supposed to be a Chinese run-up to meal with a brazier that would have coals in it, and dishes and sitting on bricked floor. I couldn't get the perspective correct on the brazier. It should look as if looking at it from a sitting or squatting position but it doesn't look right. I have to improve on that next time. I think I have to study up on techniques for painting from a birds eye view of an object because I have much trouble with that perspective.

One of my photos of the U S flag that I photographed this past week on walkabout to remind all I am U S citizen on U S soil in continental U S with all guarantees of U S Constitution and amendments including the first amendment freedom of press and religion.

This is a Christian website and I am a born again Christian white woman raised in the Southern Baptist Church, and I adhere to the words of JESUS as written in the New Testament and to the words of GOD as written in the Old Testament.

This is the display I made to remind all that I am a University of Georgia alumna and graduated from Their Terry College of Business.

This is to remind all that I am also a graduate of the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing and am a Registered professional Nurse for years. MY current license is in Missouri.

This is me Gloria Poole, RN, artist of Missouri and state of Georgia.

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