Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tropical fish sketch 10 painted yesterday by me Gloria Poole, RN, artist of Missouri

This is sketch number 10 I have painted of tropical fish in an effort to put on paper their shimmery colors and patterns. I think a lot about tropical fish--why GOD made them so beautiful? Was it to make them more attractive to be eaten? Or not eaten? Or is that the more beautiful patterns are actually poisonous to eat, and thus when predators like sharks eat them, they are culled? In the book of Genesis in The Holy Bible it mentions specifically the "moving creatures" of the "waters" that GOD created in Genesis 1: 20,21,26,28, KJV and one verse says specifically that GOD created the whales. I drew this with Inktense and then put a wash of water with a brush over it, and it is on 6 x8 inch watercolor-specific paper. The blue of the ocean is plain watercolor, not Inktense. I signed this , photographed it, uploaded it and posted it to this blog of mine today 16th of Dec 2015. I love to watch tropical fish and gold fish swim about. I videotaped a six minute video of goldfish swimming and the movement of them in a group and tried about 4 times to put link to it on web so anybody could enjoy it along with the sound of water from the waterfall, but the prodeathers in Washington DC blocked it from being added in any form because they are terrified it has something to do with the murder of human babies by that evil Planned Parenthood horror. The organization/ fake charity from hell named Planned Parenthood knows that I am a prolife blogger and that I am also a Registered Nurse, who often blogs and photographs, and creates audi-visuals to end the premeditated murders of tiny, innocent human beings in the womb, and they use every ILLEGAL manuever possible to try to suppress my prolife words, speech and blogs. Also, for the record, I am NOT a member of AARP and NEVER was though they stalk me on the web. Also, for the record, I was born in the state of Georgia in the US, and registered to vote there to begin with . Georgia's registered voters were purposefully compromised by Sec of State's office according to the Atlanta Journal news today : w/ quote :"The personal data released in the breach — including Social Security numbers, birth dates and drivers’ license numbers — appear to have been inadvertently sent out last month to 12 organizations ...included state political parties, news media organizations and Georgia GunOwner Magazine." If the governments didn't sell the confidential information of those who use the internet to sign up for anything, or who have used any government service for any reason, the democratic party wouldn't be able to break into the computers of registered Republicans to tamper with their votes. Just so you know that you as a voter are a commercial product to your state government who makes money off the sale of your information to groups you would NOT give your info such as the AARP, or the Democrats or the evil Planned Parenthood murderers.

All telephones listed on this account or this blog or its profile or any account/ blog/profile of mine are my personal phones which belong to me only and are physically located in my apt in Missouri. some are wired telephones and some are mobiles and some are Google voice numbers of mine. I rotate them around trying to prevent my 2nd exhusband male with initails DBP of Colorado from stalking me since he said he "would track me down like an animal and cut my throat". He is not getting the chance to do that if I can help it and he has been warned repeatedly by five judges in Colorado to stay away from me or my apt or dwelling or family places, and if he breaks into my apt or comes near me, I intend to do my best to kill him before he kills me.

Also, for the record, I am NOT on Facebook nor Pinterest and NEVER was, because they make their users their content and try to take copyrights, and sell their users' information, and track their users on the web. The cyber-criminals that tried to hijack my content via Facebook and Pinterest are common criminals that are identity thieves and they should be in prison.

In previous posts I have named the criminal hackers that regularly break into my Google accounts so they can be prosecuted.

Thanks to my readers and viewers in Russia, U.S., Germany, France, Mexico, as recorded by Google analytics.

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One of my photos of the U S flag that I photographed on walkabout to remind all I am U S citizen on U S soil in continental U S with all guarantees of U S Constitution and amendments including the first amendment freedom of press and religion.

This is the display I made to remind all that I am a University of Georgia alumna and graduated from their Terry College of Business.

This is an oil sketch on oil paper that I painted of the University of Georgia mascot UGA {English bulldog] or bulldawg as UGA alum say. It is also posted on another blog of mine and I think on a twitter account of mine also.

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