Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cartoon rocks created today by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist, of/in Missouri

This is a cartoon I drew and painted this morning from about 5am to about 9 am! It took me several tries to get it in acceptable perspective. I tried to imitate the "Jessica Rabbit" physical form a bit to make it obvious the surprised "person" is a woman. Also, I had the idea after reading in the news in past few days about the engagement ring Mariah Carey's fiance gave her that is 35 carats. I was thinking that ring has set a new "standard" for celebrities probably and probably has already provoked a whole lot of women and made them pea green with envy, which of course is the goal of such spectacular rings. So, my idea was to create a cartoon of how a man with a sense of humour might handle that request for a "rock"; and also his gf's reaction to his "joke". I am a woman also and I pay attention to the fashions and jewelry as it appears in fashion shows, twitter, Bonhams,and news. So, it is not my intention to upset Mariah Carey or her finance James Packer. It's just a cartoon. And I think it hopefully conveys simply a spoof on the word "rock" which is often used to describe engagement rings. I have been married twice and divorced twice and neither time did my engagement ring come close to 35 carats! I was happy just to get to see such a ring in the news! And because Mariah Carey is known to be Christian, I am happy for her and her finance and wish them happy ever after. The woman in cartoon is not modeled after any real woman. My two grown daughters are blondish and so are my nieces so it's a common denominator in the Poole family. I did once try on in Tiffany's of New York a spectacular ring and that was a treat for me. So, I understand the thrill of spectacular one of a kind fine jewelry. Copyrighted art. I drew this, painted it with inks, with both a brush and a dip pen, and signed it in lower left corner and photographed it eleven times trying to get it straight on the portable drawing board. Then uploaded it, and posted it today 31st Jan 2016 at 1:04pm to this blog of mine. Also, I tweeted about this briefly on one of my twitter accounts: @gloria_poole. Those are my fingers on the left edge of the drawing.

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