Friday, August 15, 2014

Sparky Dog sketches by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia

I drew and painted, signed this sketch last evening while 'watching " TV. Actually, usually I listen and watch a few minutes, then start drawing. Drawing is relaxing to me and so I draw often when I am lying down to rest.  I named this "Sparky" because of the golden-red color. This is watercolor 8 x 11 on paper except the white in his eyes is acrylic paint. This is the second dog sketch I have drawn and painted and the first one is below.  I photographed it today and uploaded it today 15 August, 2014 to this blog of mine. FYI, I also uploaded a different but new sketch I created today  of "First Lesson of ballet" to another blog of mine today at

First sketch of a dog I ever  created and it was  in year 2012 and  I named it 'woof". I wanted to name it "Rambo" after a tiny fluffy dog that lives in my apartment complex but thought they might not appreciate that.  Every time I hear the owners of "Rambo" calling him, I dissolve into hysterics. It's truly funny!  It is acrylic on paper .  I have both of these sketches  on paper in my possession.

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