Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Things in nature sketches by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia

This sketch is a kumquat tree blooming but without the kumquats. I , Gloria Poole, drew, painted, signed, photographed and uploaded this from camera yesterday but added it to this blog today 30 July 2014. It is acrylics on paper 8 x11. 

This sketch of greatly exaggerated in size strawberry is one I drew painted signed photographed uploaded in May this year to another blog of mine but it is something that also grows wild . Of course, it is often cultivated . I love strawberries

This sketch of a red rose is acrylics on 14 x 17 paper in one of my sketch books. I drew, painted signed photographed uploaded this earlier to another blog post but am adding it here also to make a point that roses often grown wild in nature. Of course many people cultivate them in their yards, but I have seen roses growing in uncultivated places so I know they grow wild also.

This sketch of a panda in the wild among bamboo shoots is one I created years ago when I was experimenting with a graphics art program [application on my then computer] and it is digital only.  I think the year was about 2008 or 2009 and I have the software I created it with still on a computer and I have the sketch saved in several places. It honestly didn't occur to me that I could sign this with digital ink at that time.  I have created about 1100-1200 pieces of art using tangible methods and probably 20 in digital ink with a software program. Of the 20 in digital ink, I only signed one of those 20 because I wasn't practiced at writing precisely with a rough sort of tool. 

"Green apples" sketch which is signed by me but the signature didn't make it into the photo. I have also photographed this again with the signature and I think I posted it to my tumblr acct  I think my brain is lop-sided now [from concussions]  since it takes very much effort for me to align perfectly any thing on those metal clips on my portable drawing board.  So, when I am not trying to align something, it seems the photo is better. I do photograph quite often and I post some of those photos intermittently to my blog and to online albums of mine. 

Waterfall sketch in acrylics by Gloria Poole of Missouri.
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For the record: I , Gloria Poole, am a white, Southern Baptist Christian, twice-divorced woman, and an a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, and an artist in all mediums, a poet, an author, a blogger, a writer, a citizen journo, a prolife activist, a personhood for all humans promoter, a photographer, a U S citizen born in Georgia, and a republican as defined by U S Constitution. For more of my history and the provenance of art I create also read my blog in my former married name at and also I am divorced from male DBP since Oct 2007 and I removed his surname of Pappas as he spelled it at the time, from my name forevermore at time of final divorce decree and that is public record filed in state of Colorado in Arapahoe County Colorado. I resumed my maiden name including my born with surname of Poole at the same time by order of District Court Judge who signed final divorce decree.

Also, about sketch in previous post named "hanging by a thread" : it was not about me but about those nations of world where civil war is raging, and love, and security and food is lost and liberty is hanging in the balance as people fight regimes that are oppressive and murder innocent people.  Some people assumed it was about me.

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